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Hi, I am Rahul.  This is my second blog, where I am going to discuss the implementation of Selenium in both python and Java- the two languages of my choice.

I also have another blog-QATechnicals where I keep all my rants and other informational stuff- about various topics related to Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

In my spare time, I often like to have a look at the Stack Overflow Questions. You can see my profile at demouser123

Happy Testing!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I am learning Selenium – Python on latest releases and have few questions below. Please help

    1. Read somewhere that HTMLtestrunner is not compatible with python 3.6, is that true ?
    2. I am not able to find a detailed tutorial on using excel sheet with selenium-python in python unittest framework, I need to import data from excel to enter into various fields of the form
    3. Right now I am able to create test cases, test suite and run them properly, but want excel read/write functionality as that is the main thing to reduce a repetitive task



    1. Hello @viki ,
      1. Instead of HTMLTestRunner, use another framework like Allure which is much better and provides more functionality.

      2. You need to get the data from excel and just iterate it to get the data from the various rows/columns and put it in the field. If I get some free time, I’ll surely post sometime on this.


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