A pragmatic approach to QA and OPS


Chakram is an API testing framework that is designed to perform end to end testing of JSON REST endpoints.

The library offers a BDD testing style and fully exploits javascript promises – the resulting tests are simple, clear and expressive. Chakram is built on node.jsmocha and chai.



Chakram offers a depth of features. Some of them are :

  • HTTP specific assertions. Allows testing of:
    • Status codes
    • Cookie presence and value
    • Header presence and value
    • JSON values
    • JSON structure (using the JSON schema specification)
    • Compression
    • Response times
  • BDD formatting and hooks (e.g. beforeEach, afterEach)
  • Promise based
  • Plugin support
  • Custom assertions
  • Exports results in a variety of formats
  • Debugging support



Chakram comes as an npm module so it is very easy to install. However, since it requires both node.js and npm , please make sure to have both of these installed before installing Chakram.

Once you have both these dependencies, it is easy to install Chakram as

npm install chakram --save-dev

This will install Chakram in your project and if you have a package.json file in your project, it will automatically be added to the dependencies.

In the next section, we’ll see how we can make simple GET or POST requests using Chakram.

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