A pragmatic approach to QA and OPS

Generating APK

In last tutorial, we saw how to get a react-native app to set up on our system. Now in order to test it with appium, we’ll need the signed .apk file to use. Here also Expo comes to the rescue by taking over all the menial tasks of creating a key and everything.


You just need to run a single command – Yes! Only once single command will take care of everything.

Just run this

exp build:android

In case of iOS it is

exp build:ios

and it will take care of the steps


First of all, it will ask you to sign-in to your Expo account



Now let Expo take care of all the steps. Once the build is completed, it will show a link, from where you can download the .apk file.

Note : For me, the link mentioned at last didn’t work, so, you can go to your account, and for the build, there is a link generated at the end (I have covered mine in the red arrow). You can just hit that URL in browser to download the .apk file



For this simple .apk generation step, I took the help of this StackOverflow post


and the documentation given at



Now that we’ve had the .apk file generated, we’ll move ahead with Appium and start writing our test cases.

Next tutorial in this series here.

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