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Selenium Implementation

Selenium has grown to be the de-facto tool for web-browser automation. Not only is Selenium a very popular tool for e2e testing but it has inspired a lot of other frameworks too. Many of the most popular web or mobile automation tools, are loosely based on the same JSONWire Protocol that Selenium implements.

Frameworks like Protractor, nightwatch, Appium etc. are some common names that are either forks or extension of the capabilities of Selenium and the underlying structure used by it.

We’ll be going over a lot of the implementation of these Selenium forks, as well as other frameworks that are not based on Selenium at all – like Puppeteer or Cypress.io – tools that rely on other protocols or have other underlying architecture as well.


Also, in order to learn Selenium, I have chosen Python as my language of choice because of the sheer simplicity of the code writing that Python gives. I have coded in Java, Python, JavaScript, dart but out of all of them, Python hands down is the easiest to learn and get started with.


So, if you want to get started with Selenium, you can get started here, with the installation for Eclipse on Windows or here for Ubuntu.

The complete set of Selenium with Python can be found here.

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