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API Testing Questions Series

I recently posted a set of API Testing questions that I’d asked a senior candidate – who has an overall 12+ years of experience as a QA, out of which more than 5 years where in that of API test automation – as described by the person himself.

I shared the questions on Linkedin, where the post went absolutely viral – here is the link to that post. A lot of folks liked it, lot many disliked it, some appreciated the questions, some questioned the interview process and many other things.

A common ask in the comments was to give answers to the questions – I thought of answering most of these but could not find enough time to answer them properly.

So, now I’ve devoted some time to answer those questions and added a list of 50 more questions to that. Please find the links to the questions below –

  1. API Testing Questions Part -1
  2. API Testing Questions Part – 2
  3. API Testing Questions Part – 3
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