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Playwright Resources

In this post, I’ll list a plethora of resources that can be used to learn Playwright. This consists of various web links and github repos. This generally covers the JS/TS bindings but are not limited to. Also this list will keep growing as I keep on finding more and more such links


  1. Playwright Official Documentation : Official documentation of Playwright. Always the best place to start looking at this for something.
  2. Playwright Solutions – This is a collection of various solutions and scenarios related to Playwright. This is maintained by Butch Mayhew.
  3. Try Playwright – This website lets you write code for basic Playwright scenarios in real time in a browser.
  4. Debbie Codes – Debbie is a Playwright ambassador and a PM at Microsoft. She often blogs about Playwright.
  5. Testersdock – A lot of good scenarios covered related to Playwright. This website is mainted by Alapan.
  6. Playwright Slack Channel – Official slack channel for Playwright.
  7. WorkwithLoop Blogs : Recently discovered this blog. Some very interesting stuff done with Playwright in this blog.
  8. Web Scraping with Playwright

Github Repos

  1. Cucumber with Playwright – This is a repo by Tally Barak which has Playwright Cucumber integration. The code base doesn’t has a POM if someone is interested but there is a PR if you’re interested.
  2. Awesome Playwright – This is a curated list of all things awesome in Playwright. There are other repos for other tool also. This one is by Max Schmitt.
  3. AWA Lambda with Playwright – This is an example of how to use AWS Lambda with Playwright.
  4. Demo with Playwright – This awesome repo has a lot of demo scenarios automated with Playwright. This repo is by Marcus Felling.
  5. Playwright Fluent – Implementation of Fluent API around Playwright. This is maintained by Henri d’Orgeval
  6. Playwright Tutorial Implementation – This is the github repo for the tutorials from Letcode by Koushik Chatterjee. Follow his Youtube channel since his repo has the most updated implementation of the latest features by Playwright.
  7. Playwright Axe – Accessibility testing with Axe framework with Playwright. This is maintained by Abhinaba Ghosh.
  8. Playwright Demos – Another repo where a lot of demos have been shared. This is maintained by Mani Kiran Nalabolu.
  9. Playwright POM – A simple POM implementation in Playwright. This is maintained by Andrii Baidachenko
  10. Playwright Request Mocker – Automatically generate and use request mocks in Playwright tests. This is maintained by Guilherme ‘Kousen’ Luersen
  11. Playwright Zephyr – Publish Playwright tests to Zephyr. This is maintained by Yevhen Laichenkov.
  12. Playwright Electron – Example of how to test Electron apps using Playwright . This is maintained by Spaceage.
  13. Playwright Watch – Use Playwright in watch mode. Maintained by Yoki
  14. Playwright MITM – Use Playwright for man in the middle interception.
  15. Playwright with C# – These are Playwright tests in C#. This is given by Execute Automation, which is maintained by Kartik KK.
  16. Aerokube Moon – You can use this to run Playwright tests in Kubernetes clusters.
  17. Playwright Framework by Akshay Pai – This is a very good example of a sample framework with Playwright. It has UI, API, DB test cases using Playwright, and Akshay updates it regularly so you will get the latest updates.
  18. Comparison of Cypress and Playwright Tests – A comparison of various tests between Cypress and Playwright.
  19. Playwright Mocha – A sample repo of Playwright with Chai JS and Mocha
  20. Playwright Starter – A starter kit for Playwright tests.
  21. Playwright Issues – Playwright github issues page. The team is very responsive and responds within 24-48 hrs on any queries.
  22. Cypress to Playwright – Convert your Cypress tests to Playwright.
  23. Playwright with Python – A repo by Andrew Knight – also known as Automation Panda.

Videos and Playlists

  1. PlaywrightDev – Official YT channel for Playwright.
  2. Naveen Automation Labs Java Playwright Series – Complete Playwright series in Java by Naveen Automation Labs
  3. Automation Step by Step Playwright Series – Complete Playwright series by Raghav Pal.
  4. Playwright with Letcode – One of the best series on Playwright by Letcode by Koushik Chatterjee. This has the latest updates on Playwright features and videos regarding that.
  5. Playwright Masterclass – Playwright master class by Lethcode.
  6. Playwright with C# – This is by Execute Automation.
  7. Scrape data with Playwright – Video on data scraping by John Rooney. This uses Playwright Python.
  8. Applitools video on Paywright
  9. Microsoft Developer video on Playwright
  10. Playwright with Pytest – Full course by Automation Nemo
  11. Cypress vs Playwright vs Selenium vs WebdriverIO – A seminar with the experts.
  12. Check if specific text is present on page using Playwright.
  13. Playwright videos on Automate Together. – Some very good videos on Playwright on this channel.
  14. Youtube videos on Commit Quality – Another Playwright playlist on CommitQuality YT channel. Thanks Butch Mayhew for recommending this.
  15. Automation Neemo Playwright with Pytest – Playwright with Pytest – an extensive playlist on using Playwright with Python.
  16. JoanMedia : This channel has some good content on Playwright with JS/TS as well as with Pytest.
  17. GraphQL with Playwright
  18. ProgramsBuzz – Some very good videos on Playwright including the architecture of Playwright.

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