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JavaScript Interview Questions

According to various websites, and StackOverflow off-course, there is a huge surge in demand for JavaScript developers. With frameworks like node.jsAngularReact , Vue.js gaining more popularity day by day, there is an increased demand for Javascript developers.

As such, there is also a surge in the number of test frameworks for Javascript- be it end to end testing or API Testing or Database testing. With frameworks like JestMochaProtractorCypressPuppeteerSupertestChakram etc., more and more QA’s are now moving to a JS stack.

As such, QA like me and a lot of others face this issue where they need to prepare for JavaScript questions in an interview. In this series I’ll try to cover a lot of such questions that are normally asked in the JavaScript interviews. I have compiled this list from a lot of online resources and I’ll list them at the bottom.

There will be both code and theory and basic Javascript language questions in this series. For code questions, I would suggest you to run them at least once on your machine on any IDE of your choice. I’ve tried to explain the code as much as I can.

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