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Some Useful Assertions in Playwright – Part -2

In the last part, we saw some useful assertions from Playwright. These assertions help in a lot of ways and to assert some things on the web app. Since Playwright has a rich set of features, so these assertions are also one useful addition to that armoury.

Again, the disclaimer – these assertions are provided by the default test runner given by Playwright. So we’d consider that only, not Jest.

  • toHaveCount()

This assertion allows us to assert that a given locator has a exact no. of DOM nodes. A good example would be, counting the no of options from a drop down, and asserting that there are N options.


const list = page.locator('ul > li');
await expect(list).toHaveCount(3);

Syntax :


  • toHaveJSProperty()

This assertion allows to assert if a given element has a required JS Property. Note that this property can be of a primitive type as well as a plain serializable JavaScript object.

Syntax :


  • toHaveScreenshot()

This assertion takes two consecutive locator screenshots and then compares the last one with the expected screenshot.

Syntax :


  • toHaveText()

This assertion is useful for matching a certain DOM element if they have certain text. The assertion will assert that the locator under question points to element with the expected text.

Syntax :


  • toHaveValue()

This assertions allows us to assert whether a given input element is having certain values. Let’s say we want to see if an input value has an integer value, then we can use this assertion

const locator = page.locator('input[type=number]');
await expect(locator).toHaveValue(/[0-9]/);

Syntax :


  • toHaveTitle()

This is a page level assertion and we can assert whether a given web page has a specific title,

await expect(page).toHaveTitle(expected_title);

  • toHaveURL()

Asserts that the page contains the specific URL.



  • toBeOK()

Asserts that the response code of the API is under the range 200..299 status.


So these are the assertions provided in Playwright. You can use this link by LambdaTest if you want to see code pieces for all the important assertions in Playwright.

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