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In the previous page, we learnt how to install Selenium IDE plugin our Firefox browser. Now let us take a look at another component of the Selenium Suite- the most powerful one- Selenium Webdriver.

Selenium Webdriver allows you to  control the browser interactions- using various methods , which we generally call as API’s.  The best thing about Webdriver is that is gives the freedom to control and mimic almost all kinds of user interactions, in the best possible way and without the restriction of a programming language.  Selenium Webdriver bindings are available for Java, Perl, Python, Groovy, C#, Ruby etc.

Here I would be demonstrating how we would use an IDE- like Eclipse and set- up Selenium Webdriver set up for Java language using the Java API’s.


The first thing we would like to install is an IDE like Eclipse – I am basing this on the assumption that you know what Java is and have a fair amount of idea about it. That is why I have skipped the Java installation part.

Let us get started with installation of Eclipse IDE and Selenium on a Windows machine.

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