A pragmatic approach to QA and OPS

API Testing Questions – 3

  • What are the key challenges faced while testing APIs that use asynchronous communication or event-driven architectures?

  • Explain the concept of contract testing and its importance in API testing.

  • How would you handle authentication and authorization testing for an API that utilizes OAuth 2.0?

  • What are the common security vulnerabilities that need to be considered and tested for in API testing?

  • How can you perform load testing on an API to assess its performance and scalability?

  • Explain the concept of versioning in APIs and how it impacts testing.

  • How would you test an API that relies heavily on caching mechanisms to optimize response times?

  • What strategies and tools would you employ for API testing in a microservices architecture?

  • Discuss the challenges and best practices for testing APIs that are part of a distributed system.

  • How can you ensure data integrity and consistency while performing API testing involving database operations?

  • Describe the process of testing APIs that involve file upload and download functionalities.

  • What is the importance of boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning in API testing? Provide examples.

  • Explain the concept of API governance and its role in ensuring API quality and compliance.

  • How would you test an API that requires complex request payloads, such as nested objects or arrays?

  • Describe the steps involved in automating API testing and mention the tools and frameworks commonly used.
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